3rd Annual White Oak District Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Results


Third Annual White Oak District Pinewood Derby

National Capital Area Council, White Oak District, Hosted By Troop 440 and Troop 473

Saturday April 5th,  Colesville United Methodist Church, Silver Spring, MD    

3rd Annual White Oak District Cub Scout Pinewood Derby


Colesville, MD— Boy Scout Troops 440 and 473 hosted the “3rd Annual NCAC White Oak District Pinewood Derby”.    The event theme featured the top ranked boys from Cub Scout Packs across the area, racing pinewood derby cars down a specially designed track.  The White Oak District 3rd Annual Cub Scout Pinewood Derby was hosted at Colesville United Methodist Church on Saturday, April 5thth 2014.  A great time was had by all!

Events include an exciting race for time against other scout of the same age and for an overall winner.  To qualified to attend this event the boys first had to qualify at the local pack level.  Prizes were also awarded for fastest show car and for appearance categories.  Each boy with their adult partner built their uniquely designed car from an official pinewood derby kit.

The results of the event were:

Please check the below list of winners.

 Fastest Tigers:

3rd place: Robert Reeder Pack 457

2nd place: Christopher Smith Pack 499

1st place: Xavier Harris Pack 96


Fastest Wolves:

3rd place: Xristos Saoutis Pack 492

2nd place: Martin Peterson Pack 33

1st place: Matthew Vacek Pack 1074


Fastest Bears:

3rd place: Nicholas Schade Pack 1074

2nd place: Noah Layke Pack 33

1st place: Ben Eakin, Pack 759


Fastest Webelos I's:

3rd place: Brad Bookwalter, Pack 434

2nd place: Joshua Oliveros, Pack 275

1st place: Garrison Thompson, Pack 499


Fastest Webelos II's:

3rd place: Andrew Dobbs, Pack 249

2nd place: Ravidu Jayasuriya, Pack 763

1st place: David Ramthun, Pack 499


Fastest Show Cars:

3rd place: Henry Davies, Pack 33

2nd place: Tyler Enright, Pack 499

1st place: Tommy Mazzara, Pack 1072


Appearance Prizes for Show Cars:

Most Humorous - Pack 33 Henry Davies

Most Colorful - Pack 275 Guillermo Cuesta

Most Original - Pack 457 Samuael Tadele

Most Creative - Pack 763 Kanishka Jayasuriya

Judges' Favorite - Pack 499 Tyler Enright

Best in Show: Pack 442 Dylan Bruckner


Grand Final Fastest Cars of the whole day:

3rd place: Ben Eakin, Pack 759

2nd place: David Ramthun, Pack 499

1st place: Garrison Thompson, Pack 499


White Oak Cup:

Pack 499


The purpose of racing in the Pinewood Derby is great fun. The Cub Scouts design their own racing vehicle, work with a parent to build it, and see it perform on race day. Win or lose, the boys take pride in having done their best. When a boy races in a Cub Scout derby, he learns craft skills, the rules of fair play, and good sportsmanship—things he will remember for life. For more information about scouting events or to find out about local scout troops please visit beascout.org or Angela Marmaras Membership@WhiteOakDistrict.Org.

The Cub Scout program is a fun and educational experience, concerned with values. The goal of Cub Scouts is to provide a positive place where boys can enjoy wholesome activities in a safe environment. Scouting focuses on teaching practical skills, improving physical fitness, building character and developing a spirit of community service.


Contact Information:

Lynnette Gannaway, Vice Chairman Marketing, Boy Scouts of America, NCAC, White Oak District

Email: Marketing@WhiteOakDistrict.org

Phone: (301) 448- 7865




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