New Metrobus Line Connects Fort Totten to Silver Spring

County officials hope the K9 Metrobus line will relieve traffic on busy New Hampshire Avenue.

Some commuters traveling along the New Hampshire Avenue corridor have a faster transit option during rush hours, Montgomery County officials touted Monday.

The K9 Metrobus will travel from the Fort Totten Metrorail Station in Washington, DC, to the Northwest Park neighborhood of Silver Spring, making fewer stops than the existing K6 line and adding extra transit service that county and Metro officials said they hope will relieve traffic along the busy thoroughfare. 

“Metro’s new K9 bus route will make a tremendous difference on busy New Hampshire Avenue, which has the third highest bus ridership in Maryland,” said Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett. 

“The K9 is the first step in a Rapid Transit System for the New Hampshire Avenue corridor."

Metrobus says it plans to add at Oakview Drive, Powder Mill Road, the Food and Drug Administration's campus and White Oak in the future. 

The buses will run every 15 to 20 minutes in each direction during morning and evening rush hours. The K9 line is half as many stops as the K6, which will result in a shorter trip for some and help to thin crowds on the K6. 

“The new K9 MetroExtra service will improve reliability, reduce crowding and travel time for thousands customers who travel along the New Hampshire Avenue corridor each weekday,” said Richard Sarles, general manager of Metro.

Tell us: Do you live or work along the New Hampshire Avenue corridor? Do you currently take the K6? What do you think about the K9?  

Celia Arnaud January 09, 2013 at 12:00 PM
I take the K6. The K9 doesn't stop at my stop (and the closest K9 stop is >15 minutes from my house), but I have noticed that it is definitely taking some pressure off the K6. It used to be that I was lucky to get a seat. Now the bus is appropriately full without being a sardine can.


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