Washington, DC, Ranks No. 6 in Top 10 List of Most Bikeable Cities

Need an incentive to do more biking in 2013? Maybe "bike-borne karaoke" will do the trick.


Washington, DC, was rated as the sixth "most bikeable" city in the United States, according to WalkScore's website, with a score of 65.

WalkScore takes a number of factors into account when ranking cities, including the number of commuters who ride bicycles, road connectivity, bicycle-friendly lanes and trails and hills in the area. These factors were selected based on votes from the site's community of users as well as several academics.

Cities are rated on a combined score of 0-100 and fall into one of four categories:

  • Biker's Paradise (90-100)
  • Very Bikable (70-89)
  • Bikeable (50-69)
  • Somewhat Bikeable (0-49)

The other cities on the 2012 Top 10 list are: 1) Minneapolis (79), Portland, OR (70), San Francisco (70), Boston (68), Madison, WI (67), Seattle (64), Tucson (64), New York (62) and Chicago (62).

Bicyclists in our area may have extra incentive.

District Karaoke, "one of Washington's most competitive karaoke leagues," is seeking funding to create a "bike-borne" karaoke machine, says a recent City Paper article.

District Karaoke's founder, Jesse Rauch, told City Paper that his group is attempting to raise more than $6,300, with half the amount pegged for the sound system and the rest for a "European cargo bike" to transport it around.

If you're concerned that legions of bike riding singers will be belting out "Call Me Maybe,"  "Someone Like You" or "Summer Nights" as they roll through your neighborhood, Rauch was quoted in the article as saying that "karaoke will not be allowed while the bike's moving, only when it's stationary."


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