WMATA Considers Adding 16th Street Bus Line

The new route would likely extend only as north as Columbia Heights in Washington, DC.

A new bus route running along the south end of the busy 16th Street corridor may be the key for easing congestion on existing lines. BeyondDC reports that Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) officials met with bus riders in Washington, DC, to discuss a new S line that would go only as far north as Columbia Heights.

Currently, 16th Street is serviced by four S line buses, three of which terminate at the Silver Spring Metro station to the north. BeyondDC speculates that, according to Metro's naming convention, the new line would be called S3. It would service Columbia Heights to downtown.

Here's more:

Last Monday community members met with WMATA bus planners, and devised a potential solution: add a new route to the S-series that only goes as far north as Columbia Heights.

That makes a ton of sense. It would be a natural counterbalance to the S9, which provides a great service for riders making long trips, but is essentially useless for close-in riders. This new route would provide a correspondingly great service for close-in trips.

Do you take the S buses for work? Would an additional bus for DC riders help with overcrowding during your commute? 

Syd February 05, 2013 at 07:18 PM
I take the S sometimes. I'm not sure if it would help alleviate crowding for those of us coming from Silver Spring, because my bus is usually pretty full before it gets down to Columbia Heights. I think it's a good idea for people living downtown, though. They will have more options and maybe THEIR bus won't be so crowded.


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