Woman Goes into Labor on Metro's Red Line, Causes Delay

Passengers offloaded at Gallery Place station, mother taken to George Washington hospital.

A young woman went into labor on the Metro's red line during rush hour on Thursday afternoon.

A story in the Washington Post describes the woman as being "in her early 20s" and "sitting in the first row of seats on a rail car." The woman's water broke on a train headed for Grovesnor-Strathmore, prior to the Gallery Place station, where the other passengers were offloaded.

Metro's chief spokesperson, Dan Stessel, told the Post that the woman was "in labor, but stable."

Twitter and other social media outlets quickly spread the news, with one user calling it "my nightmare" and another seemingly a bit more in the holiday spirit, calling the event "a good reason for delays."

According to the article, the incident caused a 15-20 minute delay.

NBC reports that emergency medical personnel were able to get her to George Washington Hospital in time to give birth.

It was the second time in 2012 that a pregnant woman had to be evacuated from the rail system.

No details on the sex or name of the new baby were available at the time of publication, and it was unknown if the mother would incorporate the location of the labor into the child's name,

TELL US: What would be a good way to incorporate the event into the naming?

"Baby Strathmore"?

Nicknaming the child "Red"?

"Matty?" (short for WMATA)

Give us your best suggestion in the comments section!


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