DC Shorts Film Festival Begins Sept. 6

Don't miss this annual showcase of short films at various arts locations in Washington, DC.

Most movie-goers are accustomed to spending at least an hour and a half in theaters. And then there are the movies like The Lord of the Rings trilogy, whose shortest installment clocks in at 178 minutes.

Instead of watching one long movie, try watching a bunch of short ones together at the DC Shorts Film Festival, Sept.6 to Sept. 16.

Choose from 16 showcases or wait until the end and watch the "Best Of DC Shorts" showcases after audience members have voted on their favorite films.

Anyone interested in listening to the bare bones of a film that hasn't yet been made can get tickets to the screenplay competition on September 14. Judges have selected six scripts: actors will read them aloud, and the audience will choose the best one. 

Films will show at DC’s Landmark E Street Cinema, Atlas Performing Arts Center, Fairfax’s new Angelika Film Center and the U.S. Navy Memorial. See the DC Shorts Film Festival website for more details. Tickets are $15 ($12 online) plus a service charge, but festival passes are also available.


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