Fillmore Silver Spring Turns 1: Best Moments from More Than 150 Concerts

Which acts have shown Silver Spring the loudest, most fanatical and messiest shows?

Happy birthday, Fillmore Silver Spring! Can you believe it was one year ago today, Sept. 15, when the 2,000-person venue in downtown Silver Spring opened with a ?

In celebration, check out some of the Fillmore's standout moments:

  • Fastest sell outs: Pretty Lights, Young Jeezy, J Cole Trey Anastasio, Mary J. Blige
  • Most devoted fans: Jam band and electronic shows. They love their bands, they love each other, they love everyone. They are just happy people who enjoy the community of fellow fans.
  • Loudest shows: Refused, Deadmau5
  • Best special effects: Shadowsphere and Deadmau5
  • Most fanatical fans: Widespread Panic, Young Jeezy
  • Messiest Show: Steve Aoki. "He threw spaghetti into the audience, he threw a big salad, he threw two sheet cakes into the audience. Then he went up to our balcony and jumped off onto an air mattress that he had on the crowd, and then crowd-surfed on the air mattress back to the stage," Stephanie Steele, general manager. 
  • Best Fan Moment: After helping a guest find a better vantage point to watch the show, one Widespread Panic fan thanked The Fillmore's VIP Services Manager Christy Sitter telling her, "you truly never know how much your actions can affect someone's life." Turned out, he had a very serious brain tumor and Widespread Panic was his all-time favorite band. He told her, "You really don't know how much this is lifting my spirits. This show means more to me than you could possibly know."


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