Reports: AFI Silver Needs $750,000 for Digital Upgrade

By the end of the year, major distributors are expected to stop releasing movies on standard film, the AFI's director said.

AFI Silver Theatre in downtown Silver Spring is known for its old movie presentations, but that dosen't mean the company doesn't need to keep up with new technology. 

The theatre's director told a Montgomery County Council committee that unless it upgrades its equipment to be compatible with films shot on digital cameras, it could lose up to 70 percent of its ticket sales, the Gazette newspaper reported. By the end of the year, major distributors are expected to stop releasing films that were shot on standard film. 

The Planning, Housing and Economic Development committee will consider today matching a $375,000 state bond bill with $325,000 in matching funds and $50,000 in donations for the upgrade. 

Read more at the Gazette

Ian Brett Cooper February 05, 2013 at 02:41 PM
I wish them well and I hope they get the money together, as I feel the AFI Silver Theatre is an essential part of Silver Spring's cultural foundation.
AdvanceChurch.org February 07, 2013 at 12:41 PM
Our church - advancechurch.org - meets at AFI each Sunday morning and we will add this to our list of prayers for the Silver Spring community. AFI is a key part of Silver Spring's cultural, social, and yes, spiritual life.


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