Columbia Lighthouse Expands Offices in Silver Spring

Nonprofit moves expands offices in Silver Spring to better serve DC metro area residents.

Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind recently expanded its Silver Spring location at 8720 Georgia Avenue after relocating one of its larger locations in Riverdale Park, MD to a smaller office.

The organization’s new Prince George's County location is just a few blocks away at 4404 Queensbury Rd., in suite 105.

The offices in Riverdale Park are smaller, but the staff is still serving local residents.

Celebrating its 113th anniversary in May, Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind is a nonprofit that provides a variety services for people who are deaf, blind and visually impaired throughout the DC metropolitan area.

Services provided vary from job training to teaching people how to travel independently, according to Jocelyn Hunter, communications director at Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind. The organization also teaches people how to cook and clean again, or how to manage their household again, after becoming blind or visually impaired.

“We also run annual camps for children, parent workshops and an early intervention program for young children who are born blind or identified as visually impaired,” said Hunter.

There also are volunteer opportunities for those who don’t need the nonprofit’s services but would like to be involved. Hunters said she is always recruiting volunteer readers, who must be 18 years of age or older, and will soon begin recruiting camp counselors for the summer programs. Camp counselors must be 16 years of age or older.

“We’re frequently recruiting people to help in our office, particularly in our Silver Spring office for office support, clerical needs, helping out with job training and with our annual event,” Hunter said.

In addition to the offices in Riverdale Park and Silver Spring, the organization also has offices in DC. Anyone interested in services provided by Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind at any of its locations, or interested in volunteering, can check the website here for more information.

Woodside Park Bob January 08, 2013 at 11:59 AM
I don't know where the photo accompanying this article was taken, but it is not the Silver Spring office at 8720 Georgia Avenue mentioned in the headline and the first paragraph.


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