Patch Picks: 5 Non Profits Making a Difference

Silver Spring has hundreds of non profit organizations that make a difference in the community.

Downtown Silver Spring has hundreds of non profit organizations that and volunteers that work on making the lives of people better. This list is composed of the top 5 Patch thinks does an awesome job.

1. Community Bridges serves young ladies in the community by mentoring them. They serve about 17 schools in the community teaching and nurturing their skills in an after school program.

2. A Wider Circle provides furniture and guidance people in Montgomery County who need it the most. They serve thousands of people a year helping them to get back on their feet in life. 

3. Shepard's Table constantly works with a daily staff to make that people in the community don't go without a hot meal for the day. 

4. Hearts and Homes for Youth is an organization that grew from an attic in a house in to a company that now houses many youth. The founder and CEO Rex Smith calls it a loving environment for teenagers to grow up and become strong, successful adults.

5. Pyramid Atlantic provides a space for local artists to display their work to the community. The organization works with high schools, the Art Institute of Washington, and The Corcoran Gallery of Art, which sometimes holds classes in the building.   There is also an internship for high school and college students that offers insight into working in an artist's studio.


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