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Spike TV Posts Piratz Tavern Bar Rescue Post-Show

Reality television host Jon Taffer had even more to say about the bar takeover that wasn't.

Just when you thought the "" drama was over, the television network's website had to go and provide a post-mortem on the debacle, complete with scathing commentary from show host Jon Taffer. 

If you haven't been following along, Piratz Tavern, a downtown Silver Spring eatery with a--you guessed it--pirates theme, was chosen as the subject of "Bar Rescue."

The reality show brings restaurant expert Jon Taffer into struggling restaurants and he performs a sort of business makeover. He briefly reworked the tavern into Corporate Bar & Grill, thinking he'd draw all the professionals to the restaurant for lunch and happy hour.

Piratz Tavern owners weren't happy with the changes and almost immediately went back to their old motif. 

On the post-show update posted to Spike TV's website in July, which the restaurant re-posted to its Facebook page this week, Jon Taffer was more than a little miffed about the undoing of his work.

"Piratz was the most bizarre experience of my entire 35-year career," Taffer said. "She [owner Tracy Rebelo] would rather be a broke pirate than a successful bar owner."

Proving they can give as good as they get, Piratz created a bawdy ballard fit for the high seas about its experience with Taffer. Some choice lyrics:

We are old buccaneers, pirates and privateers in this Corporate Bar & Grill. You said you’d rescue us, you disrespected us, and our dreams you tried to kill. I never watched your show, I had no way to know, what a bastard you could be. Unbridled arrogance with nothing in your pants; perfect for reality TV.

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gramm September 15, 2012 at 09:37 PM
I thought taffer was responding to their ballad, not the other way around as you imply.
Whitney Teal September 17, 2012 at 03:03 AM
thanks for the question, gramm. Taffer was responding to the aftermath of the show, perhaps including the ballad, but the Spike TV website (linked above) didn't specify. The ballad was in response to the show experience, as stated in the story.
Jordan Knowz December 08, 2012 at 04:17 PM
OMG! I can't believe they ruined that beautiful bar and the potential money they could have made. I want to know how much money they are making. When I saw the reveal, I remember feeling envious of their opportunity. The location was phenomenal. What a travesty!!!


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