Next Steps for Clean Currents Customers from Groundswell

Local clean energy supplier Clean Currents went out of business on Friday. The news was a shock to everyone and has forced thousands of people who care about clean energy to look for a new supplier when market conditions are tricky.

As a nonprofit that puts communities first, it is Groundswell's top priority to make sure that residents, organizations, and businesses are able to switch to clean power while seeing savings on their electricity bills. 

We have outlined all of the next steps for Clean Currents customers here: http://www.groundswell.org/updates/blog/478-next-steps

We advocate on behalf of communities because we're committed to making sure that people don't get sucked into bad deals and unfair contracts by predatory marketers. At Groundswell, we organize residents, community institutions, and local businesses into purchasing groups that switch to clean energy together in a process we call Civic Consumption. We are currently organizing our groups for the spring, and next steps for families and institutions to get involved are outlined in the link above.


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