Washington Gas' price increased 43% on Saturday

Washington Gas, the utility, raised the price of natural gas by about 43% in DC and Maryland on Saturday, March 1. The information has not yet been picked up by the media.  Washington Gas' new price for natural gas is about 94 cents per therm. 

There is a way to protect yourself against Washington Gas’ 43% price increase.  Just as with electricity, natural gas users can choose the energy company that supplies the natural gas delivered to them by Washington Gas.  When you choose your supplier, Washington Gas delivers the natural gas as always, responds to issues, and does the billing as before - but bills you for your natural gas supply at your supplier’s low price.  There is no service interruption.   

Washington Gas Energy Services (WGES), which supplies natural gas through Washington Gas to customers in DC and Maryland, is still enrolling customers for natural gas on one-year supply agreements at last week’s prices.  Residential customers can enroll right now for their natural gas with WGES at 69 cents per therm in Maryland and 72 cents per therm if they live in DC.  Commercial customers can enroll with WGES for 66 cents per therm in Maryland and 69 cents per therm in DC. 

To enroll, go to www.wges.com .  To get the promotional price, you need a promotional code.  Here it is.  Where it asks “New to WGES?  Enter your promo code here:” enter code “ EAHOME-EA1016 “.  This will get you WGES’s promotional price.  Without the code, you will see a higher price. 


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