10 Ways to Protect Your Silver Spring Home Before Vacation

Lower the risk of home burglaries with these quick tips.


While you’re away for vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is your home being burglarized.

Amica, a Maryland-based insurance company, is reminding residents to stay vigilant and aware of how their home is secured when they are away.

“Burglars often look for easy targets – unoccupied homes that are easy to break into,” said Michael Gillerlane, a senior assistant vice president with Amica. “The most important thing to do, whether you’re leaving overnight or on an extended vacation, is to make your home looked lived-in while you’re gone.”

Quick tips:

  • Lock garages and sheds. You don’t want burglars to use your tools to break into your home, so make sure they are secured and locked before you leave.
  • Leave a light on. This may seem simple, but leave a light on, even if someone needs to come by the house to do it. You can also use a timer to stagger when the lights go on and off.
  • Stop mail. Make sure you notify all companies that send mail to your home, including newspaper deliveries. You can also ask a neighbor to collect them so they don’t pile up.
  • Maintain the yard. Arrange for someone to come and mow your lawn while you are away, especially if the house will be vacant for an extended period.
  • Protect electronics. Make sure you turn off and password-protect computers, and disconnect them from the Internet.
  • Hide valuables. Burglars know that people keep their valuables in similar places. It’s a good idea to hide expensive jewelry somewhere else besides the bedroom.
  • Secure personal documents. Consider leaving your valuables,      including personal documents, in a safety deposit box instead of an unlocked desk.
  • Don’t publicize vacation. Try not to talk about your vacation on social media sites.
  • Tell someone you’re leaving. It’s a great idea to let trusted friends and neighbors know when you’ll be gone.
  • Make it hard to enter. Be sure to close and lock all windows and doors.  If you don’t have deadbolt locks, you may consider installing them.


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