Are Target, Walmart, Other Retailers Ruining Thanksgiving?

Retail 'sale' creep hits the all-American holiday big time this year.

If all you can wait to do after you chow down on your Thanksgiving meal is start the holiday shopping marathon, retailers are ready to help you.

Other Americans, including some retail workers, are saying they want to keep one Thursday in November free of American capitalistic intrusion.

Target, Walmart, Sears, Kmart and Toys 'R' Us have all announced they will open as early as 8 p.m. Thanksgiving Day, making 2012's holiday shopping season of 32 days and four hours perhaps the longest ever due to the way the calendar fell this year.

At least one online petition says enough, already.

A campaign on the site Change.org entitled, "Target: Take the high road and save Thanksgiving," had been signed by more than 230,000 users as of Friday night.

It was started by Change.org user "C Renee," who identified herself as a Corona, CA, Target employee.

In the letter she asks people to sign, she wrote: "A 9 p.m. opening disgusts me and symbolizes everything that is wrong with this country. Give Thanksgiving back to families."

Commenters on Silver Spring Patch felt similarly.

"Sad for all those employees who are now going to miss spending Thanksgiving with their families," wrote Patch user Annette Vaughan.

User KatieSilverSpring said that some employees are probably happy for the extra money.

"Talk to the employees before you speculate on their feelings of getting overtime and/or time-and-a-half for working that time frame. [...] I wouldn't want to work there that night but I know some who would," she wrote.

Target corporation echoed the sentiment on its "A Bullseye View" blog, saying customers gave feedback that they wanted to shop on Thanksgiving night rather than getting up in the wee hours on Black Friday to try to beat the crowds. It also said its employees wanted to work on the holiday and that they would be paid extra.

Walmart, whose stores open at 8 p.m., is facing an organized labor action on Black Friday

For decades, Black Friday has heralded the start to the holiday shopping season and early Black Friday circulars online this year have been building anticipation for weeks. In recent years, Black Friday hours have gotten earlier, luring bargain shoppers from their homes shortly after midnight Thanksgiving night.

What do you think? Do Thanksgiving hours do shoppers a favor? Or, are the days of retail-free Thanksgiving over? Tell us in comments.

Ilene November 18, 2012 at 12:50 PM
We are not people to corporations, we are tools. And they keep reminding us of this somehow every day, every year. I'm sure the executives are home with their families. They make me sick.
Bob November 18, 2012 at 01:24 PM
Seems like they're either trying to ruin it or run it.


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