Report: DC Traffic Worse than New York City Region

A strong local economy has contributed to more traffic.

It's not your imagination—DC-area traffic really is worse than that of the New York City region, according to a recent report, The Washington Examiner reported:

D.C. commuters who drive 30 minutes to work each day spend an additional 80 hours a year in their cars because of congestion, according to a study done by TomTom, a company that makes GPS navigation devices.

Only Los Angeles (no surprise there) and San Francisco fare worse in TomTom's study. Seattle, New York City, Chicago and Miami are all better off in terms of traffic, The Examiner reported.

Trips in the DC area take 26 percent longer during rush hours than during non-rush hours, according to the report.

"This report just reaffirms what every driver in our region experiences every day, and it's not just one of our routes, it's all over our region," AAA Mid-Atlantic's Lon Anderson said, The Examiner reported. "And it's simply because we have over the years been very fortunate and have had a strong economy. We've added business and homes and we've not added roads. And only occasionally have we added more mass transit."

Read more on The Washington Examiner's website.

How long is your commute to work? How do you get there? How could your commute be improved? Tell us in the comments.


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