Silver Spring Transit Center Gets Dr. Gridlock'd

The Washington Post's transit columnist had some fun with the center's delays.

If you've let out a grumble or two about the delays in the Silver Spring Transit Center's opening, you, apparently, are not alone. 

A Silver Springer wrote in to the Washington Post's transit column, Dr. Gridlock, asking when the construction project that started in 2008 would be complete. (The answer's next summer, by the way.) 

Gridlock had a bit of fun with the concrete war the county engaged in for a year before creating a plan to complete the last bit of the structure, which will be a hub for the neighborhood's Metrorail and MARC stations, bus lines and Metro parking. 

He wrote: 

In 2012, most commuters would settle for a building that won’t fall down.

It will be named after Paul S. Sarbanes. But given the center’s recent history, the distinguished former senator might prefer to have his name taken off and put someplace else, such as, say, a new sewage treatment plant.

See the entire post here.

What do you think—too soon to joke or laugh to keep from screaming?  


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