Hair Do's, Don’ts for Local News Anchors

NewsChannel 8 reporters discuss “anchor hair” during morning newscast.

Call it the latest installment in the news anchor hair files.

Websites such as Super-Hair rate the hair of on-air reporters, celebrities and other public figures. Richmond’s Style Weekly magazine gives out an award for “Best Hair on a Male News Anchor.”

Now, local on-air personalities are debating the intricacies of “anchor hair” while on the air.

During the Wednesday morning broadcast, Newschannel8’s Brian van de Graff commented on the knit cap Adam Caskey was wearing doing a remote from Southwest DC, sparking a debate about “anchor hair.”

Van de Graff admitted that fellow on-air personality Katherine Amenta had given him a hard time for wearing earmuffs, as he was “worried about his hair.”

Amenta charged onto the set, armed with a can of hair spray to give Van de Graff “a Jersey lesson” on how to keep his hair in place.  

For news junkies, it was almost enough to make your hair curl.


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