Utah is Gorgeous

Utah is beautiful.

In a continuation of my series about Utah, let me summarize.  We were in Orem, UT just outside of Provo for a storytelling festival.  Since were were in and around Salt Lake City, one is drawn to the downtown area and Temple Square.  This is the center of activity for the Mormon church with their spectacular Tabernacle that is the symbol of all things Utah and Mormon.  Temple Square was just amazing with a riot of colorful flowers covering much of it.

We were excited about getting on the road to our first stop which would be Zion National Park.  It is not as well known as a lot of other parks as it is more remote being in Southern Utah on the edge of the desert and the Colorado plateau.  What people seem to forget is that our planet has been changing ever since it came into existance.  Over millions of years the pressures from within have pushed up and out leaving the beautiful landscapes we remember as children watching westerns in front of the tv. 

Our plan was to enjoy the scenery as much as possible and that was easy to do.  We also planned to stop by places such as Cedar Breaks National Monument.  On the way we drove through a small town, Heber City.  We found where the retired Starship Enterprise was hiding out as an auto repair shop.  Along I-15 we saw a sprawling lavendar farm and stopped.  Unfortunately, the lavendar was not in bloom as it is harvested in July but the farm was an oasis in the desert.  The young Living farm is one of three world-wide locations that many essential oils were grown and produced.  In Utah the name "Young" will pop up a good bit.  To find out more just Google Utah history. 

Cedar Breaks is a great preview of southern utah with wonderful shapes and spires rising from the desert floor.  It would set the tone for arrival in Zion...but that will be another day.

Michael Kaynard is a local photographer who lives in West ashley.  His photos can be seen at http://kaynardphotography.webs.com.  He can be reached at mkaynard@gmail.com or 843=412-2299.

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Jamie Healy October 02, 2012 at 12:00 PM
Before moving to Charleston a year ago, I lived in Southern Utah. I moved there to work for an animal sanctuary in a small town called Kanab, just outside of Zion, and admittedly, it was Heaven on Earth. If only it had somehow been located on the coast, I could've lived there forever, but alas, I'm a saltwater girl. My time out there was nothing short of spectacular and my memories of the red rocks, slot canyons, and beautiful parks (Zion, Cedar, Grand Canyon, Bryce...) are vivid. Time was slow, worries were little, life was simple, and everything was local. I miss it so much already that I'm going back to visit in November. Charleston was always meant to be my home, but if ever there were a possibility of having a second home, mine would be there, and I'd probably live there in June, July and August when it's unbearable here, and zero humidity there. :-)
Michael Kaynard October 02, 2012 at 12:15 PM
Jamie I share your love of Utah. When we were out there we were talking about the pluses and minuses of moving out that direction after we retire. It is beyond gorgeous and just cannot be accurately captured with a camera. Enjoy your trip in November. I am jealous.
Jamie Healy October 02, 2012 at 12:32 PM
Before I lived there, I had no idea Utah was such a beautiful place. I mean really, who thinks, "I've always wanted to visit Utah"? Probably not too many people. But once I was there visiting on a volunteer trip to Best Friends, I was already making my plan to return for good, despite having planned all my life to come to Charleston. When I moved there, my town had just one stop light, and I never once experienced traffic unless visiting SLC. A blessing and a curse, the nearest "shopping" area where there was at least a Walmart was an hour and a half drive. We learned to live simpler. Winters were long because the town all but shut down, and cabin fever would set in, but April through December, the outdoors were your playground. If there were a closer airport, I could've handled it a lot longer than I did, too, but I traveled for work often and those trips became unbearable. I will never forget the sheer size of the sky there, and its amazing blue color against the vastly red landscape. A miraculous beauty - no question. Every picture I took looked like a painting (and I am no photographer, but the landscape could make anyone look like a pro).
Michael Kaynard October 02, 2012 at 12:37 PM
You have nailed Utah perfectly.


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