Party for straight-A students

What a wonderful incentive! This should not bring parents or other students to a boil, that did not make the grade. It should be and continue to be an incentive to be the best that you can be..I feel that you should not be rewarded for something you did not achieve! All that would do would be make those that do work hard for what they get, not want to work so hard, especially if those that don't want to work will get the reward anyway...that is what this country is coming to..a little here and a little there...If you want something special in life..work for it..study for it! It is petty for the parents to get upset over this...easy solution to it...Congratulations to all the straight A students..Keep up the good work and be an
example to those that want more out of life!
jag February 27, 2014 at 01:17 PM
The obvious flaws to your claims have already been outlined in the related Patch article.


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