30 Whitman Students Receive Alcohol Citations Following House Party

Some students face consequences on-campus, Whitman's Black and White reports.

Thirty juveniles received alcohol citations for attending a Bethesda house party this month where liquor was available, Montgomery County police said Monday. And according to a report in Walt Whitman’s student newspaper, The Black and White, those cited were Whitman students and some will face on-campus discipline.

The house party was reported Dec. 1 in the 6200 block of Wiscasset place in Bethesda, according to police spokeswoman Officer Janelle Smith.

Police spokeswoman Officer Britta Thomas told The Black and White that Fire and Rescue was called after one guest appeared to be highly intoxicated. Police who responded issued sobriety tests and cited some students for alcohol possession, according to the report.

Smith told Patch that 30 juveniles were issued alcohol-related citations. Three adults also were cited, Smith said, but the nature of the citations wasn’t known.

Whitman Principal Alan Goodwin told The Black and White that he learned of the party from athletic director Andy Wetzel, who said some Whitman student athletes told their coaches about the party.

The athletes involved are facing a one-game suspension, according to the report.

Goodwin did not immediately return an email from Patch seeking comment.

In December of 2011, three dozen Whitman students were temporarily suspended from extracurricular activities after they attended an off-campus house party where underage drinking was reported.

The school’s response prompted debate on Patch about on-campus consequences for off-campus behavior.

Read the full report at Whitman’s Black and White.

Linda December 11, 2012 at 02:32 PM
"after they attended an off-campus house party where underage drinking was reported." Is there an on-campus house at Whitman? And isn't there a more severe fine if alcohol is found on campus? Is anyone else finding this modifier to be useless?
Stop re-electing these people December 11, 2012 at 02:33 PM
Typical Whitman parent response-and I went there. The culture at Whitman is for parents to do whatever they can do to help their kid do what they were never able to do. If my kids were there I would tell the police to write them a citation and then have them have to deal with it.
Whitman Parent December 11, 2012 at 04:53 PM
The reporter needs to do a better job confirming her information. The parents that hosted this party hired off-duty police officers to search and prevent anyone coming in the door from bringing alcohol into their home. There was a girl who came to the party that became ill after arriving, evidently from her alcohol consupmtion BEFORE the party. The hosting parents took prompt action and ambulance called an ambulance. It was the EMT's who then called police. Seems there were many students who had done the same thing in having drinks beforehand, and were cited as a result. I don't know what else the parents could have done. They wanted to have a highly supervised, SAFE party for their kid. But they can't control the behavior of others before they arrive. The three "adults" were kids that were already 18 years old.
Jack December 11, 2012 at 05:18 PM
Exactly. "They can't control the behavior of others before they arrive" - that's why the parents should not have hosted such a large party to begin with. That was stupid of the parents to expose themselves to that much obvious risk. "Stop Re-Electing these people"'s comments are exactly on point. Today's overly priviledged kids are "dumb as sticks" regarding real life and its real life consequences and their equally clueless parents prove that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Adreas Belon December 15, 2012 at 08:33 AM
Whitman Parent: these people like Jack who waste their time arguing that kids are over privileged and that the solution to stopping underage drinking is to not have birthday parties for kids at all because its kids 'today' are ill-bred reckless indigents are people who have the mental capacity of a rodent. Get off your high horse as if drinking underage should even be a headline. Beer and wine used to be legal at 18. What caused the movement to ban underage drinking was the unsafe practice of drinking and driving amongst teens( As if when some who is 21 plus does it, it was so much different). These parents did all they could to prevent situations like these and called for emergency help. I guess in Jack's ideal society people cannot celebrate their 18th birthday because of the rest of the evil people in society. Whitman Parent dont be worked up about another filler article like this, its crappy journalism that only strikes profound meaning for those with nothing better to do.


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