Police Nab Alleged Silver Spring Carjacker on Basis of Fingerprints, DNA, and GPS Ankle Bracelet

A 19-year-old man is booked for armed carjacking, robbery and assault after fingerprints are found in the victim's car.

Fingerprints and DNA left in a carjacking victim's vehicle helped police locate a suspect who is now accused of robbing a man in Silver Spring last month.

The suspect also was wearing a pre-trial, GPS ankle bracelet, locked on from a previous arrest, that helped police track his whereabouts.    

Marcus Curry, 19, of an unknown address, was charged with armed carjacking, armed robbery and kidnapping, among other crimes.

Police said the victim reported that the suspect approached his car on Aug. 6 while it was in the parking lot of 13313 Old Columbia Pike in Silver Spring. The suspect pointed a handgun at the victim and demanded money. 

The man told police he gave the suspect money, but the robber insisted that they go to the bank for more money. He got into the victim's car, sitting behind the driver's seat and placed a gun to the back of the victim's head, telling him not to turn around. 

The suspect told the victim to drive to a bank, giving him directions, according to police. He left the victim's vehicle, the victim's cell phone in hand, at the corner of Fairland Road and Copland Road in the Calverton neighborhood. The suspect told the victim to drive away, which he did, but not before seeing the suspect throw his cell phone and take off running down the street, police said. 

The man said he drove a short while before returning and picking up his cell phone. He called police and officers from the 3rd District responded at 5:50 a.m.

Police went looking for the suspect in the surrounding area, but did not find him. 

Latent prints and DNA were found in the victim's car and sent to a regional fingerprint database, according to police. The fingerprints matched those of Curry, who was wearing a pre-trial ankle bracelet from DC during the time of the Aug. 6 robbery. Police said that the GPS information placed Curry in the area of the robbery. 


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