Candidate for Governor and Exotic Dancer Pic: What You Said

See what Patch readers had to say about Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown's lingerie-clad photobomber — and tell us what you think.

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown. Credit: File|Patch
Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown. Credit: File|Patch

Does this week’s publicity around Maryland Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination to succeed his boss, in a photograph taken with friends that seems to show an exotic dancer in the background influence how you’ll vote?

Brown has led the polls heading into June 24 gubernatorial primary with a two-to-one lead over Doug Gansler, according to the Washington Post.

The Daily Caller tweeted Wednesday, “EXCLUSIVE: Is That a Pole Dancer? Frontrunner for Md. Governor Caught in Scandalous Photo.” A story posted on the Daily Caller showed Brown posing for a photograph with three women. . . and a surprise photobomber in the background clad in red lingerie with her arm wrapped around a pole.

According to The Washington Post, the photograph was taken during an economic development conference in Las Vegas last year.

Brown’s campaign manager, Justin Schall, says, “I guess it’s the start of the silly season when an annual economic development conference with hundreds of elected Democrats, Republicans and business leaders becomes news,” Schall told the Post. 

Here's another chance for you to sound off:

  • Is there anything about Lt. Gov. Anthony Brow’s trip to Las Vegas that influences your vote in the primary? Who are you supporting for governor and why? Tell us in comments below.

And here's a sampling of earlier comments:

mike c. You gotta be kidding. I dint see the problem. In Vegas you see women dressed in less on the street

Polly I'm still at a loss as to what he actually does. Doesn't matter now. I'm proudly voting for Heather Mizeur. I think she's amazing and we need her.

Mary Ellen Cote Really, who does care? I care more about whether he is capable of running the state of Maryland, which I do not think he is.

Bob Higginbotham Brown is not qualified to be governor. He was given one chore and he botched it big time. Now he is trying to weasel out by claiming he was on the wrong committee, whatever that means. He was in charge of the entire Maryland obamacare fiasco. 

lydia banks I don't even see where this picture is considered scandalous. He is in Las Vegas. Hello!!

TR Why are people focusing on this little stuff? Let's look at some things that people should be realizing. Like how can he really represent our state when he was born and grew up in NY... then went in Military and spent his time everywhere else but here. He talks about our public schools but did he or his kids go to our schools. He moves here and then lives in one of Maryland's richest counties. What can he possibly know about living and working in this state???? 
Matthew Riesner June 09, 2014 at 01:33 PM
I think we need to ask ourselves about Brown, where the hell did this guy come from? He was not a county executive, he has no history in the state's largest city, he's not a household name, and other than being O'Malley's runningmate, has no real state leadership experience. And furthermore, we ask ourselves why the MD political establishment was so quick to endorse him.
John McGill June 09, 2014 at 03:45 PM
our tax dollars at work
Wm Thomas Capps June 14, 2014 at 11:13 AM
What make me mad is this. I was not invited!
R.U.Kidding June 15, 2014 at 10:22 PM
This state needs someone with a big set that is going to pull the plug on legislators in Annapolis and say no to any new taxes. Under the present administration, this state has been hit with more taxes and fee increase than you can shake a stick at. It's time we tried something different, a governor that reduces spending and taxing. Don't know if any of the candidates running are capable of that but I do know I won't be voting in the same sad excuse of a Lt. Governor as Governor - that's just plain stupid. Remember the gas tax and vehicle registration fees will be going up in July, another reason I have to not vote for Brown.
Bill Samuel June 16, 2014 at 09:48 PM
"Economic development" is a code word for corporate welfare. That he attends an "economic development" conference in Vegas is a legitimate issue. It shows us that he is part of the legal corruption that dominates our state and the nation.


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