Editorial: O'Malley Neglected Montgomery County in Storm

An editorial in the Atlantic alleges the governor focused on his political career while one of the nation's most affluent counties was left powerless, literally.


In an editorial entitled Outage Outrage: The Politics of Electricity, contributing editor Gregg Easterbrook wrote in The Atlantic this month that Gov. Martin O'Malley has neglected the state of Maryland to focus on positioning himself for a run for the presidency.

The long and massive power outage after the June 29 "Derecho" storm, over the continuing problems with storm response and how O'Malley's political future might be tied up with those issues is the focus of the opinion piece.

But Easterbrook had Montgomery County, in particular, in mind, conceding he is a Montgomery County resident whose home is serviced by Pepco:

Montgomery County, Maryland, is one of the nation's bluest and wealthiest counties; its perennially awful power service raises the question of whether liberals can make the trains run on time.

Easterbrook says there's nothing the Montgomery County Council can do because, under Maryland law, the state has sole authority over power utilities.

He outlines Pepco's performance history in an effort to answer his own question: "How does Pepco get away with this?"

Read the rest of Easterbrook's criticism of O'Malley and the state's response to the power outages on The Atlantic web site.

Do you agree with Easterbrook's assertion that Montgomery County's power issues reflect a larger issue for Democrats?

Could the state's problems with utility service threaten O'Malley's national political ambitions? Tell us in comments.


Editor's Note: Patch has requested comment from a spokesperson for the governor's office.

Piotr Gajewski July 13, 2012 at 06:54 PM
I do not follow how it would ever be in any governor’s interest to “screw” his state’s citizens “to advance his national political agenda.” Is not the best way to advance a personal national agenda to oversee a very successful state? Is this not part of Mr. Romney’s problem now – that his state had serious issues while he was governor (including, from the conservative perspective, implementing what is now referred to as “ObamaCare?”). (Note: I am personally a strong supporter of the Affordable Care Act, but I it appears, to put it mildly, that most conservatives are not.)
B Allen July 13, 2012 at 07:38 PM
Yeah Piotr, you are for anything that is going to take more money from the people in taxes and as you people say "share the wealth" Furthermore, OWEmalley has no clue whatsoever on how a business runs. Just like the village idiots on the Monkey county council, when they passed that idiot behrliners "cap and trade" which was pulled right out of waxmans playbook, which has been deemed unconstitutional. The 715M tax on Mirant, HAS been passed down to the consumers. Just like the way a $100M fine will be passed down to consumers. If the frickin idiots in the dumbocrap party would keep to themselves and not try to run or regulate businesses, then we would ALL be better off. Business 101...keep the dems hands off of things and ALL will be fine. I am not even going to comment on your rediculous comeback, because I know already it will not make any sence at all.
Inside Info July 16, 2012 at 12:50 AM
I have lived in Montgomery County since 1974 and have seen how this county has slowly but surely gone downhill. Let's begin: the forced BUSING that brought derelicts into my school as a kid; the idiotic liberal agenda that changed the traditonal 4 yr plan in high schools (which coincidentally took down SAT scores for a generation); O'Malley's "welcoming over the river from VA all of the illegals that have virtually taken over Gaithersburg, Wheaton, etc... The anti-business climate that sends ALL of the jobs unless you're a bio-tech/govt worker, to NO VA. (Since when has a biotech generated anything but govt jobs, or maybe if you're a scientist?) Doesn't matter if your a Republican or Democrat..... But I think that it's time for a major change... O'Malley, Leggett, etc.....just move out/retire/ or GO AWAY
Tom Rossing July 17, 2012 at 07:03 PM
Judging from your statements you are obviously either, a loner elephant in the land of donkeys, a HS dropout who shaved his head to close, thus nicking a brain cell or two, or the GEICO caveman who just climbed from under a rock. Moco desegregated before you were born; MD even during Ehrlich the Elephant sought bio-tech employers, and did not give away the farm like VA; which still has more "immigrants" than MD. Guess you should have stayed in school to complete your agenda. Get and education Adolph!
Inside Info July 22, 2012 at 02:53 AM
Tom: Since you are obviously a little troll and are choosing to make a "personal attack"... I will take the higher road and end it with this.... "Watch your back......in the land of "donkeys"...... they can come and bite you...you can't stay awake 24 hours a day...... good night & learn to post w/o using your real name


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