House of Delegates Passes Gas Tax

The final debate on the bill turns contentious amidst accusations that House Speaker Michael Busch cut short the debate and opportunity to vote.

Tempers flared Friday afternoon following the debate and final vote by the House of Delegates on a proposal to raise the gas tax in Maryland.

When the final vote was taken, the House approved the bill 78-56 but the actual outcome, and roll call vote, remains a matter of contention amidst accusations from Republicans that the debate and final vote were ended too quickly.

The bill would increase the state's tax on gas by more than 20 cents to 43.7 cents per gallon on July 2016. The tax would increase to 44.6 cents per gallon if the federal government fails to pass an Internet sales tax.

The tax is also tied to the consumer price index, which would allow for automatic increases without any additional legislative action. Those increases are capped at 8 percent annually and do not go down if the consumer price index decreases in any given year.

Also in the bill is a $3.50 increase in the fee for vehicle registration.

The fees will go to offset an increase in salaries offered to pilots for the Maryland State Police. The agency has 11 vacancies within its 50 pilot positions, according to the review of the bill.

The base pilot salary under the proposal would increase to $70,000 and the plan would cover the cost of hiring 20 additional pilots based on a review provided by the state Department of Legislative Services. Maintenance technicians would see their base salary increase to $60,000 as part of the proposal.

The bill also included:

  • $60 million over three years for the Sen. William H. Amoss Fire, Rescue, Ambulance fund.
  • A $2 per hour salary increase for field instructors at the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute
  • More than $11 million over four years for a new communications system for the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services.
  • A requirement that the governor spend nearly $400 million to comply with the Watershed Implementation Plan over five years.

The bill now moves to the Senate, about two weeks before the session is scheduled to end.

jag March 22, 2013 at 09:41 PM
Wow, the Purple Line might actually be built before we all die - awesome. "The bill would increase the state's tax on gas by more than 20 cents to 43.7 cents per gallon on July 2016." I understand Bryan Sears has his obvious agenda and political leanings that he tries to forward in these "news" postings and usually I'm fine with that (though it would be nice if this guy was demoted to the "blog" section where these obvious agendas usually reside), but in this case he's chosen to take it a step further and simply make up stuff. First, there's no way to tell how high the sales tax will add in real dollar terms BECAUSE IT'S A PERCENTAGE. Gas might cost 3 bucks a gallon in 2016 or it might cost 6 bucks a gallon - Bryan Sears doesn't see the future, as far as I know. Just report the sales tax as a percent and quit trying to twist/guess numbers so they seem more extreme than they are. For the record, per the Post, state analysts estimate "Maryland motorists could expect to pay roughly another 13 to 20 cents per gallon of gas by mid-2016" - at least use that number instead of making up your own inflated one.
jag March 22, 2013 at 09:47 PM
And in case anyone is interested in the real numbers, under the House plan the state would impose a 3 percent sales tax, phased in over three years (1% a year). That would translate into another 10.8 cents per gallon at the pump by July 2016, analysts say.


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