Inmates in Boyds Fix Broken Books For ‘Good Time Credit’

Book-repair project part of workforce re-entry program at Montgomery County Correctional Facility. Books will be taken to Kensington, Rockville, Silver Spring and Wheaton.

Damaged library books are getting their fix behind bars, thanks to inmates at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility in Boyds.

Through a workforce re-entry project, inmates trained by Montgomery County Public Library staff are repairing damaged books so that they can be returned to circulation. Inmates selected to participate in the program can earn “good time credit” toward reducing their sentence while acquiring new work skills, county officials said.

The most recent round of rehabilitated books will head to Kensington Park, Marilyn J. Praisner, Noyes (Children’s Library), Rockville Memorial, Silver Spring and Wheaton.

Warden Rob Green said he came up with the idea last year. The county correctional facility funded the $3,300 in material costs for the start-up supplies. County officials said there were no there were no other expenses related to the book-repair program. 

According to library staff, the repairs take from six to 10 days per box of books.

A batch of 42 busted books arrived from Wheaton and Praisner branches in late April. The most common problems encountered in book repairs are: broken or detached spines; pencil marks on pages; and ripped, loose or torn pages.

Parker Hamilton, Montgomery County Public Library director, said the inmate book-repair program saves the county money.

“The real value is the fact that the books are now back on the shelves and are being checked out again,” Hamilton said.

Fran Asbeck October 03, 2012 at 07:49 PM
Why is it that Boyds gets the credit for the so-called Clarksburg jail (and it is in the Boyds postal delivery area) while the North Germantown Recreational Park, also in Boyds, is credited to Germantown. Oh yeah, of course. There are fewer influential voters in Boyds than inm Germantown or Clarksburg.


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