Maryland Casino Revenue Down 28.5 Percent

Three Maryland casinos hauled in a combined total of $43 million last month.

With another casino on its way in Maryland, possibly in Prince George's, a new report shows that gambling revenue is down.

Although the three Maryland casinos—Hollywood Casino Perryville, Maryland Live Casino and The Casino at Ocean Downs—brought in a revenue of $43 million last month, the gaming revenue is still down 28.5 percent—or $3.478 million—from last year. This number doesn't factor in Maryland Live, since it opened earlier this year.

Hollywood Casino Perryville generated more than $5 million in November, while Maryland's three casinos combined to generate $43 million. Still, the Cecil County facility continues to see a major dip in revenue over last year.

Hollywood Casino saw a 40.5 percent decrease in money earned compared with November 2011, when it brought in $9,113,039.66.

The 1,500-machine facility in Perryville hauled in $5,421,639.64 last month.

Maryland Live Casino, which opened in June and operates 4,750 machines, generated $34,365,182.50 last month.

The Casino at Ocean Downs brought in $3,315,479.40 from its 800 machines.

The revenue per machine per day breaks down as follows:

  • Maryland Live Casino: $241.16
  • Casino at Ocean Downs: $138.14
  • Hollywood Casino Perryville: $120.48

For a breakdown on the financial disbursement of revenue from Maryland's casinos, visit this page on the Maryland Lottery website.

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Pachacutec December 06, 2012 at 05:43 PM
Don't suppose it's occurred to anyone in charge of these things that the more casinos are built in Maryland, there will be more decreases in profits for those casinos already in existence? A 40.5 percent decrease is quite a bit of money; anyone want to bet (pardon the pun) that in a few years a lot of these places will be vacant?
R. J. December 06, 2012 at 06:53 PM
What a poorly written/titled article. So you mean that the casinos minus Maryland Live are down 28.5%, right? Wouldn't a title that more accurately conveys that be more truthful? I see why this is a Patch article. Next time, how about "Revenue at two of MD's Three Casinos Down 28.5%"? Further, basically all of that loss is because of the impact of Maryland Live on the Perryville casino. That might be worth mentioning too.
JustABill December 06, 2012 at 07:18 PM
To quote my favorite Democrat, James Carville, its "the economy stupid!" and I am sure the fact that people are using what little discretionary funds they have on Christmas and Chanukah gifts (holiday gifts for the politically correct police). However since common sense is not allowed in Maryland, I am sure it could not have anything to do with the economy because according to Governor O'Malley Maryland's economy is booming. So I guess we can only lay blame on the 1% for taking their billions to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo for their gambling pleasures simply to avoid paying Maryland taxes when they hit the big progressive jackpots because we all know it is all rigged by the evil casino corporations so only the rich get richer.
Jim Groves December 06, 2012 at 08:25 PM
How about that even if it's down 28%, it's more than if they weren't there to begin with. I don't like the fact that we budget on a certain amount of revenue being generated from Casino taxes. I'd rather we budget without it and then at the end of the year, we use the income from that last year to fund items the next year.
AndThenAgain December 07, 2012 at 02:39 AM
Yup. A plainly ridiculous article. How about this headline: Maryland Live shatters records for slots revenue, draws deeply from customers at two other casinos. Now watch when National Harbor opens and takes a giant wack out of the business at Arundel Mills. But you can bet gross receipts will sky!


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