Poll: Your Reaction to Affordable Health Care Ruling

What does the Supreme Court's ruling on Affordable Health Care mean to you?

Various media are reporting that the Supreme Court has upheld the individual mandate that requires the purchase of insurance as a tax.

Stay with Patch throughout the day for updates and local reaction.

What does it mean to you? Vote in our poll.

While you're at it, don't just vote. Tell us why. Leave a comment, sharing your take on today's ruling.

NOTE: This poll is published throughout Maryland's network of Patch sites.

jag August 12, 2012 at 06:01 PM
Wow, what an embarrassing response, Joe. "If you have "children" and they are in their 20's you have failed at being a parent." First, apparently you need to look up what the word "children" mean. You're still somebody's child, even though you appear to be a bitter, old man. Second, the fact that you're incapable of imaging a situation where a 20-something might be unemployed, underemployed, seeking an advanced degree, or in a field that commonly doesn't provide health insurance, shows how pathetically out of touch you are. But I'm sure the millions of parents you just insulted appreciate it. "Don't hold your breath waiting for that "refund" check. Your employer has no obligation to send you one. They can use the check to help pay their part of the contribution next year and help keep the total costs down for all ." First, I love how you said that as if it's a bad thing. Employers having lower insurance costs! Oh my, what has Obama done! He's so anti-business! Second, as I said, I've already received my refund from Golden Rule and my refund from UnitedHealthcare is coming directly from my employer. Thanks for your concern, though. The rest of your comment is nonsensical gibberish about uncles and feet. Nice one.
jag August 12, 2012 at 06:04 PM
"it wold have required 60 votes. THAT is the difference. The GOP will have at least 60 seats come 1-2013." First, you're delusional if you think the GOP is going to end up with 60 seats anytime soon. Second, you have little grasp of Senate proceedings. Good try, though.
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