Report: ICC Could See Speed Limit Raised To 70 MPH

A House bill that would raise the maximum speed limit on interstates and expressways statewide from 65 to 70 mph will be introduced during the current General Assembly session, The Gazette reports.

A House bill co-sponsored by Del. Aruna Miller (D-Dist. 15), of Darnestown, and Del. Neil Parrott (R-Dist. 2B), of Hagerstown, could force a change in the speed limit on the Intercounty Connector, according to a report by The Gazette

The bill would raise the maximum speed limit on interstates and expressways statewide from 65 to 70 mph, according to the report, and automatically increase the ICC's speed limit from 55 to 70.

Miller cited three reasons the change is necessary.

“One, the posted speed limit is way too low,” she said, according to the report. “Two, the toll is way too high. And three, the enforcement is excessive.”

A separate bill by Sen. Jennie Forehand (D-Dist. 17) of Rockville, would raise the speed limit on the ICC to 60, according to the report. 

The highway was designed for speeds of up to 60 mph.

Read the full story on the two bills that could raise the ICC speed limit on The Gazette.

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