Van Hollen, Timmerman Leading Dist. 8 Congressional Primary Race

Early unofficial results are in for Maryland's primary.

Update, 10:31 p.m.: Rep. Chris Van Hollen continues to hold the lead in the Democratic congressional primary with almost 90 percent of the votes.

While, Democratic challenger George English has about ten percent of the votes.

On the Republican side, Ken Timmerman continues to lead with almost 45 percent of the votes, followed by Dave Wallace with slightly more than 36 percent of the votes.

In the Maryland senate race, incumbent Sen. Ben Cardin still holds a commanding lead of the Democratic primary with 73 percent of the votes, with the closest challenger, Maryland State Sen. Anthony Muse pulling in almost 16 percent so far.

Original Story: The night isn't over, but with early, unofficial results reported incumbent Rep. Chris Van Hollen has a drastic lead in the Dist. 8 congressional Democratic primary. Van Hollen has almost 93 percent of the vote with challenger George English taking around seven percent of the votes.

In the Dist. 8 Republican congressional primary, Ken Timmerman is leading a field of four with almost 42 percent of the votes and Dave Wallace has captured around 35 percent of the votes.

In the U.S. Senate primary race, incumbent Sen. Ben Cardin has a commanding lead in the Democratic race with nearly 75 perent of the vote. Maryland State Senator Anthony Muse is Cardin's closest challenger with about 17 percent of the vote.

The Republican challenger race is a bit closer. Daniel Bongino has 33 percent of the vote and Richard Douglas is on his heels with 27 percent of the vote.

In the Republican presidential primary race, Republican Mitt Romney has a comfortable lead in Dist. 8 with 51 percent of the vote so far.

B Allen May 05, 2012 at 12:34 PM
I REALLY can't believe how dumb people are. Van Hollen and Cardin are part of the PROBLEM, they are not even close to being any sort of solution. The dems have not come up with a budget in 3 yrs, but then they say the GOP is anti american, anti woman, anti employment, anti clean air, and clean water, etc etc. I am so glad I left the dumbocrap party after 30 yrs. People like cardin and van hollen, etc think that the American people are STUPID...well, all I see is that those who believe their lies and deciept are the STUPID ones. Get the facts right before you vote, don't be a village idiot and just vote party line.


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