Bulletproof Schools: Maryland Factory Creates Armored School Supplies

An Eastern Shore manufacturer is creating bulletproof school supplies including whiteboards and clipboards now being used in at least one local school.

By Jenny Kay Paulson for Capital News Service 

After the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, a military armor factory located in Pocomoke, on Maryland's lower Eastern Shore, used its technology to create bulletproof school supplies.

"I have two kids in school, and after seeing that, enough was enough", said George Tunis, CEO and Chairman of Hardwire, LLC.

Tunis created handheld bulletproof whiteboards and clipboards that teachers can practically use in their classrooms. In the event an intruder enters the classroom, a teacher can hold the handles on the back of the whiteboard to use it as a shield.

"It will not stop just one round, it will stop many clips of ammunition from handguns or shotguns or other weapons as well," Tunis said.

Hardwire tests their own equipment, and also have other organizations testing them."When you're in the armor business, it is hyper-critical to be right 100 percent of the time," he said.

Tunis encourages schools to have several layers of protection.

"As a last line of defense. I mean, this does not replace a closed door or the school's procedures, but if somebody's gotten past that perimeter, this becomes your last line of defense," he said.

Tunis donated 90 whiteboards to the school in Worcester County that his children attend.

"Inside every classroom, with every adult inside that school you know we have a layer of defense that's built in," Tunis said.

The team at Hardwire is currently exploring the possibility of arming doors and desks in the future.


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