Report: Blair H.S.'s Assassin Game Under Scrutiny

Should the game of assassin be played at high school?

School news on Patch. Patch file graphic.
School news on Patch. Patch file graphic.
Montgomery Blair High School's annual game of assassin is getting some negative attention this year, The Washington Post reported.

About 400 students (out of about 2,800) signed up for this year's game, in which every participant is assigned a target student to "assassinate." Assassination is done by uttering a pre-determined phrase to the student out-of-earshot of others—there can be no witnesses. Once a student has eliminated another student from the game, the victor then goes after the eliminated student's target, The Post explained.

There's neither violence nor fake weapons involved, but the spirit of the game—which is often played on college campuses—has some people worried.

Blair Principal Renay Johnson "said the school neither endorses nor sponsors the game," and has never seen it played at the school, The Post reported.

But, "I don’t think a game called assassin is appropriate in schools. ... I want kids to be social with each other, but not in a 'gotcha' ... sort of way. It’s just inappropriate in our society," she said, The Post reported.

>>>Read more on The Washington Post's website.

Do you think assassin is an acceptable game for a high school? Tell us in the comments.


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