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The Meditation Museum
8236 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

This small unique museum invites visitors to enhance the quality of their thoughts, their lives and the world aroundMore them. The museum is specifically designed to bring us back to a knowledge of our true selves and our responsibility to humanity.  The art works, the events, and the space are designed to nurture you, the inner being...that part which is often neglected in the world of chaos and constant distractions. This is a treasure of a place, a gift to humanity, where one can visit to experience peace, wisdom, power and love.  Our hope is that everyone who experiences the museum finds his or her own authentic meaning for life.

The Meditation Museum features interactive displays and tailored training sessions providing tools for personal and spiritual change.  It hosts a variety of conversations, workshops, special presenters, dialogues, seminars and of course, sessions on how to silence the mind.  Courses include meditation, stress management, conscious cooking and practicing internal silence.

 You will be able to visualize and understand how our thoughts influence the external world through art ranging from pictures, posters, painting and sculpture to music, theater, dance and poetry.  All activities support the original integrity of the human being, highlighting strength of character, power of mind and peace.

We trust that after your visit to the Museum, you will come back again and again and will continue to share the good news with friends and family - that one can enter into a new world of awesome self-discovery at the Meditation Museum.

 All events are free of charge at the Meditation Museum, however, your generous tax-deductible contributions and, of course, your good wishes do help to keep the variety of programs and the doors open for all to enter and realize who they truly are.

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